Game Orbia: Tap and Dash: simple relaxing game for the best entertainment

The game gives you fresh air in complicated world

If you are sick of games showing violence, fighting, and bloodshed, you can download Orbia: Tap and Dash to enjoy fresh air in a complicated world. You will be conquered by the charm, cute but quite complex of this game. If you are looking for a fun game to relax, then Orbia: Tap and Dash is the game for you.

game Orbia: Tap and Dash play on android and ios smartphone

This product is released by JOX Development LLC exclusively on Android and iOS platforms with a capacity of 37MB supporting all mobile devices and tablets. You can play and overcome moving obstacles with any style but only a well-timed tap will lead you to your goal. Orbia: Tap and Dash challenges you and your friends to clear as many levels as you can in a vibrant, unusual world.

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The gameplay is simple but hard to master it

When stepping into the game of Orbia: Tap and Dash, your task is to control the cute little creatures that cross the numerous obstacles and enemies in cyberspace to go to circle on the zigzag path. Although it looks pretty simple but hard to accomplish in the prescribed time. You have to react quickly and tap the screen promptly to avoid danger. The game ends when you touch enemies or obstacles on the screen. So, you have to be careful and keep your eyes wide open when playing this game!

It is easy to control your characters on screen

Orbia: Tap and Dash for iOS owns a virtual keyboard optimized on mobile. Just touch and drag the characters over obstacles and jump on the circle target. If you do not want to “die early”, use your finger skillfully to pass through the black monsters. Players of all ages can experience this simple game with lots of fun.

Are you ready for hundreds of levels and characters?

There are hundreds of levels to challenge players with many different difficulties. When you reach higher levels, the challenges will be harder and you can improve your gaming skills. You conquer and unlocked many cute and beautiful characters. You will find tons of unique skins and each has its own set of abilities. When you pass a level, you receive bonuses and you can use them to your advantage. You also chain together combos to maximize your reward. You can earn daily rewards in the game if you play it regularly.

Moreover, you can play this game online to compete against your friends and players around the world. You can always see the score and your rank compared to your friends. The game Orbia: Tap and Dash captures your progress through each level, so please be proud to share them with your friends.

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Amazing graphics and sounds are waiting for you to explore

Orbia: Tap and Dash owns a simple and high-end 2D design style with attractive characters. On the green and blue backgrounds, the highlight are the black monsters and your extremely colorful characters. Perfect effects and features give you great relaxing moments. A breathtakingly beautiful visual experience is ready for you to explore. Lively and funny sounds make the game more interesting. Incredible game soundtracks will make you excited while playing and enjoying them.

game Orbia: Tap and Dash game Orbia: Tap and Dashgame Orbia: Tap and Dash game Orbia: Tap and Dashgame Orbia: Tap and Dash game Orbia: Tap and Dash


In summary, Orbia: Tap and Dash is a simple, addictive and entertaining electronic game that promises to bring you the most unforgettable moments. Do not wait anymore to download the game Orbia: Tap and Dash in the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. Let’s play together when we have a chance!

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